Hillbilly Shoes

You’ve all heard it before, how the clothes or the shoes make the (wo)man.  Well this post is going to be geared more toward the guys (sorry ladies) and shoes.  Going into a job interview everyone wants to make sure they have the right stuff.  Right clothes, right hair, everyone wants to look their best.  Well, growing up in the south if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you can never go wrong with a good pair of boots.  No, I’m not talking about chukka boots or any of those ankle boots that zip on the side.  I’m talking about cowboy boots.  See down here they go perfect with any brown or khaki pair of pants in any scenario.  Going to a concert, put some boots on.  Going to a football game, put some boots on.  Even a funeral it is ok to wear your boots.

Now knowing all of this I’m sure that unless you’re a southerner like myself, you’re probably thinking what are you slack-jawed hicks doing?  Well, we’re just doing what comes natural to us.  See someone at some point said “Hey, my boots actually look pretty good with this,” and some how it stuck.  Remember in my last post about your attire making or breaking you?  Well here’s the secret to that with the boots. Know your audience!  That last job interview I had I did some research on the office I had applied to.  The dress for everyday operations: business casual.  In the south, that’s code for collared shirt, khaki pants, and boots.  For that interview I went with a solid button down shirt, patterned tie, khaki pants, and, you guessed it, the boots.

If you read to this point, thank you for not just closing out of the site and thinking something stereotypical!  Here’s where all of this comes together with the know your audience.  I wouldn’t for one second think of wearing my boots to a job interview anywhere outside of the south!  A southern guy coming from Alabama to interview for a job in Philadelphia and he rolls in wearing boots?  For some people, yeah they’ll go for it.  For me. it’s not a good look unless the person you’re interviewing with is also an avid wearer of boots.  You have to know your region, know what is and isn’t going to work.  For some people, wearing a certain pattern or color is a no go, for others wearing a certain shoe is their pet peeve.

Regardless of your native region, you have to do your research.  Know your audience and if they could look negatively at your attire.  This is not to dissuade you from wearing your favorite whatever to a job interview, but just to remind you to be conscientious of your choices.  What may be widely acceptable in one region, may not be in another.