Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Even though you want to set yourself apart, you definitely want to keep your suits on the darker side. While khaki/tan suits are great for summer and for certain events, most of the time you need to stay on the dark side of the color wheel.  Black, navy blue, dark grey (charcoal), and grey are your friends and should be treated as such.  Yes these colors can be bland, it’s best to be subtle.  Remember a little goes a long way.

In my last post I talked about how you can set yourself apart.  99% of the time you are going to be able to match the colors of your accessories to your suits.  That’s where the darker color suits come in handy. You can even get your suits in different patters.  Different patterns work better for different people, and that’s something we’ll discuss in a later post.  For now, though, just remember dark suits are your friends.  Socks, ties, cufflinks, lapel pins, and pocket squares are the place to branch out for bright colors and different patterns.