That’s the Way (Uh Huh Uh Huh) I Like It

One thing that took me a while to find in my life was my sense of style.  Everyone has one, although they probably all vary greatly.  No matter what your style may be just remember that it’s yours.  Your look doesn’t have to define you, but it’s a part of you.  It’s what helps make you recognizable and can distinguish you from others.

For me, my style is not that distinguishable from a lot of people, but I have various quirks that make it work for me.  For instance, I’m very “traditional” with my style.  I’m an old soul and old school kind of guy and that carries over with my clothes.  But my socks and ties tell a different story.  As a bigger guy it’s harder for me to get some patterns and colors in clothes that I like in my size.  I have to get creative with things.   So where normal neck ties may not be a comfortable length to me, and extra long ties are too long, I’ve switched to bow ties.  That’s where I can branch out and get a color/pattern that may be “out there.”  The same goes for my socks.  I’m definitely the one guy in my office that’s not afraid to branch out with the crazy socks.

You can stay “business appropriate” and still show off your fashion sense with different accessories. Remember too that lapel pins and pocket squares can also be your friend.  A great place to find ties, bow ties, and matching lapel pins and pocket squares is the tie bar.  They have great choices and are easy on the wallet too.  If socks is more your game, check out happy socks.  They have a lot of designs and colors, as well as a “dressy” section.

These ideas may not be for everyone, but these are just some things that I do to help myself apart to keep from getting lost in the crowd.  You want to be able to stand out and let people take notice of you.  Otherwise you can really start to feel like a drone.